About us

 Revibe Designs will bring you fresh ideas in custom window treatments and custom interiors, poetic blends of fabrics , fashion and fun!  We can incorporate the use of old and new, of reclaimed and polished to bring the best designs to you for your home. At Revibe Designs we love the emotion that is involved while working with our client’s, friends, and family. We are here to introduce you all to amazing new ideas for your home.

Over 20 years ago, I opened my company, Over the years, our brand has grown leaps and bounds. No longer are we just the local design and lifestyle boutique. We have brought our brand to the masses. So we can accessorize the homes of everyone across the USA. 

We are a full service  custom window treatment/soft goods business as well as an interior design and lifestyle corporation that can style your home or commercial property from start to finish. We recently expanded our brand to the lifestyle sector. Revibe Designs is a one-stop-shop for cool new accessories for you. Refresh your style with new jewelry, a cool bag, or try a new product from our beauty and wellness collection to revibe your style.

Revibe Designs is our finished product division as well as our e-commerce site.  Revibe Interiors, is another part of our company that specializes in kitchen and bath remolding and full service interior design  for our new England clients. 

Get ready for the introduction of all types of Vibes for your home and life. We are not limited to one genre. We will be invoking everything from modern to rustic and funky to classic. We are not limited to any design boundaries or looks for you or your home. 

We want to welcome new and existing customers on an exciting design and lifestyle endeavor as we continue our journey as Revibe Designs.